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Long Sleeve Tees



Raise your hand if you love Fridays.
Us too.
But guess what, Fridays aren’t any different than Mondays! They’re just another day of the week!
We’re trying to create a movement in the 40 hour work week culture:
Thank God It’s Monday.
If we decide to be grateful for Mondays it can totally change our workweek!
It’s true, your boss probably sucks. That co-worker probably is as incompetent as you think.
But don’t let them make you miserable! We don’t have a lot of control in life, but we can control our attitudes.
Join the movement!

This minimal design was created by hand and transferred to the digital world through the wonders of technology using an iPad and an Apple Pencil. The unique font you see is an exclusive font not for sale for purchase anywhere.

• 100% combed ring-spun cotton
• 32 singles
• Fabric laundered
• Set-in 1×1 baby rib collar

It’s funny because we’re marketing this little gem on social media, but there’s a time and a place, right?!

Here’s what we mean: don’t let social media consume your life. #nofilter is totes fake and our skin has pores. No one woke up looking like a geisha with perfect skin and a killer red lip.

Take some time to smell the coffee sans newsfeed in the morning and start your day off as a consumer of reality instead of the heavily filtered internet world.

This minimal design was created by hand and transferred to the digital world through the wonders of technology using an iPad and an Apple Pencil. The unique font you see is an exclusive font not for sale for purchase anywhere.

• 100% combed ring-spun cotton
• 32 singles
• Fabric laundered
• Set-in 1×1 baby rib collar

In a culture filled with shade and clapbacks, be someone who throws a little positivity into the world. Being kind can be a challenge, but the more we practice the better we’ll get!

Join us in throwing shine instead of shade in a shady, shady world.

This minimal design was created by hand and transferred to the digital world through the wonders of technology using an iPad and an Apple Pencil. The unique font you see is an exclusive font not for sale for purchase anywhere.

• 100% combed ring-spun cotton
• 32 singles
• Fabric laundered
• Set-in 1×1 baby rib collar

Social Not Social Media Collection

We get it. Social media is awesome.
Getting that perfect selfie is #goals.
But thinking that filters are real life can be really damaging. Those suckers change the shape of your face, smooths the texture of your skin, and gives you bunny ears… that doesn’t happen in real life guys.
Sry not sry.

Thank God It’s Monday Collection

Mondays don’t have to be terrible.
They’re terrible because we decide they’re terrible.
Choose for Mondays not to suck (even when they do) and see how it transforms your life!

Throw Shine Not Shade Collection

We invented this collection because we live in a shady world. Add a little shine into the world instead of more shade, yeah?


defAtelier is a new venture in it’s very infancy.

We are a group of random women with random ideas trying out random business ideas.
The unique ability of defAtelier is that we can design items and very quickly make them available for sale.

We create designs based on what inspires us as we develop personally and professionally. We collaborate together and unite our different business ventures to create unique concepts and products for our communities.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the team give us an email:

All designs will be added to our uncurated store under the defAtelier menu.


We support Building Foundations of Hope. This is a St. Louis based non-profit organization providing support to young women who feel like the don’t matter in rural Uganda. defAtelier’s goal is to provide these young women with a way to manage their periods.
Many young women stop going to school when they start their periods because they don’t have a hygienic way to deal with it and there is a huge amount of shame surrounding it.

We think that’s ridiculous. Find out more about our period project here.

PS: This used to be a personal blog that went dormant for quite a long time. We decided to leave some of this old content because it was well received back in the day. 
But seriously, the last post was from the new year of 2016. #oops/sorry

Twenty Sixteen

It’s 2016.

A whole new year.


Take a breath.

Feel your heart jump beneath your hand and thank God you made it another 365 days.

There’s people that didn’t, you know.


This year is a year of more. More from God. More from others. More from ourselves. Be expectant in the days, weeks, months, and quarters that follow. Look for the more.

My friend told me the other day that 2015 was literally the longest year of her life. She kicked if off across the pond in England celebrating before all of us schumcks over here in the USA and finished off in California, sipping champagne long after midnight kisses and champagne toasts in Times Square.

I’d wager to say she got more out of this year than she did of others, not because she had more time, but because she didn’t abide in the mundane. She didn’t stick with the easy.
She didn’t shy away from things that scared her. She tried new things without referring to a list of resolutions to check off. She just did them with courage because she kept close quarters with the Holy Spirit.

That’s my wish for 2016. That we would keep close enough quarters with the Holy Spirit to be able to do things in courage that we wouldn’t normally do.

So go ahead. Pay for the groceries of the person in front of you. Ask the girl on the date. Go to the third world country.


It’s 2016. And 2016 is a game-changer.

What do Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian Have in Common?

My good friend Harry Styles has a hard job. He works long hours. He constantly travels. He always gets emails and tweets and people trying to hack into his Instagram account. And he has a lot of really really crazy people always watching his every move. Always.

So, like I do for lots of my friends, I pray for him.

For everyone who doesn’t have a 14 year old daughter or an age-inappropriate obsession, Harry Styles is a member of the pop sensation that’s sweeping the nation, One Direction.

Now that that’s out in the open, I’ll get to the point: I pray for famous people. Just like I pray for my best friends.

Here’s what I typically throw God’s way on behalf of Mr. Styles.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus Who Died for Me and For Many, thanks for Harry Styles and thanks for his band. Thanks that you’ve given him the opportunity to go literally all around the world to do something he loves to do. Please have a person of influence in his life show him who You are. Have someone step into his world that shows him what it’s like to love you for real. Show yourself in the blessing that is his life. Amen.

PS. Please help all those 14 year olds realize that he’s way too old for them anyway.

Okay. Amen.

It’s nothing cray. It’s pretty basic. It’s a lot like the prayer I’d pray for my brother or my mom or my boss (if I had one).

I don’t know anything about Harry Styles besides he has dreamy dimples and his pants are pretty tight and he has a lot of tattoos. I don’t know if he’s read anything from the Bible before. I don’t know if he knows that the Holy Spirit is a real and powerful thing. I don’t know any of that.

I know a lot of girls pray for him…to show up at their doorstep with a bouquet of roses and a shiny diamond ring with their name on it.

How many people think of actually pray for people in the public eye?

I think on many occasions that it must be nice to be Kimmy K. She’s so rich she can have anything that money can buy. And she is lucky to have a family that loves her. And she is a big booty girl. Seriously. That’s the dream.

You know what else she is?

Untouchable. I won’t ever be able to walk around in Las Calabasas and run into her at the supermarket. I won’t ever tweet at her and get a response. I won’t ever post a photo on Instagram with a great Jesus caption that she’ll see. And she’ll never know I pray for her and her family. And that’s fine! She doesn’t need to know that. That’s not the point.

How do we reach people like Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian? People who are constantly seen, but are rarely seen as real people like you and me?  Whose good deeds are forgotten as soon as one mistake is made?

I can’t exactly call up the UK and ask for 1D’s private line. But I can call up to Jesus and throw a brother a prayer.

Realize that the same Jesus you talk about to the homeless guy on the street is the same Jesus who loves Kim Kardashian. The same Jesus you talk about to the bully at your school is the same Jesus who calls Harry Styles his son.

That’s nothing new people. We know the Bible says the crucifixion is an open invitation for anyone who believes that it happened for them to have eternal and abundant life (that’s John 3:16, yo).

If God can love me, can’t He love a Kardashian?
If He listens to prayers about you and me, can’t He listen to prayers about them?

Single, Not Looking

Statement 1: I am 24. And single. And a girl.

Statement 2: So are a lot of people.

Statement 3: Not all of us are waiting anxiously for a spouse.

I’ll tell you the truth. I live in a big house with two roommates that live with me. They’re married and older than me and they let me call them mom and dad. They actually don’t live with me. I live with them.

I make very, very little money working in a messy corner of my room at a pitiful little desk I tried to make less pitiful by renaming it an office space and nailing some 97¢ clipboards to the wall.

I should be lonely. I should be sad. I should be on the lookout for a man to rescue me from the failure-to-launch life I seem to be living.

But if Frozen taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need a prince to save you.
(You need a King. The Bible taught me that, but that’s not the point right now)


*Seven women will beg the same man, making this offer, “Let us all marry you! We will take care of ourselves. Let us be your wives. Give us something to live for—give us a child. Take away our shame. Our disgrace. Our reproach. Our stigma. Marry us so we won’t be mocked.


This is from an old book called Isaiah. There is a rich historical context to it and I’m sure a Scholar somewhere will wipe their sweaty palms on their argyle sweater vest and faint when they read what’s next:  I’m going to take this out of its context and apply it elsewhere.

Gasp. It’s okay, calm down.

Here’s its new home: in the minds of every church person ever when they see any woman without a ring sitting alone on Sunday.

Here’s what those seven women are saying, “The shoes on my feet, I bought it, the clothes I’m wearing, I bought it, the rock I’m rockin’, I bought it. ‘Cause I depend on me, but-please-marry-me-so-no-body-makes-fun-of-me.”

What? How does that even make sense?

Hint: it doesn’t.

I’m aware that when this was written if a lady didn’t have a husband or a kid she basically didn’t exist. But remember, we’re living in the minds of modern day church people right now. Single, non-mother people are counted as regular people on the Census and have jobs and everything.

I just got back from Haiti. The, “Are you married,” question came up while talking with a pastor we visited. To those of us who didn’t raise our hands he said, “Next time I hope you are able to introduce me to your husband.”

It was a striking moment. I don’t think it was for anyone else. But I thought Is this guy not happy meeting me. I flew all the way from America to talk to him and I didn’t even have to have my dad sign a permission form to leave the country. I can also drive and read books and do all sorts of things without a husband to encourage me to live a complete life.

Now it’s time to give you a disclaimer: I think marriage is great. I have married friends that I watch enviously while we’re out doing things and think It’s precious the way he loves her. And that girl really knows how to treat her husband. I’m glad I know them.

What doesn’t happen is me watching from the back corner of life thinking Man when I get my husband, we’re going to do real people things too. I’m finally going to be able to live a real life.

That does not happen. Watching them enviously doesn’t mean I want their life or that I am not living mine. It means that one day maybe I’ll get married. One day I’ll meet the one. He probably won’t sweep me off my feet because I’m 5’8’’ but he’ll be great and we’ll spend great days together and do fun things.

In the meantime I’m going to Haiti, visiting babies in Mexico, working on my businesses, writing down stories, taking road trips with friends, spending time with my family, and loving God.

There is no in the meantime it’s just called life.

Sure, I’m single. Sure I’ll probably marry my own personal Prince Charming one day (I’m more of a Flynn Rider kind of girl, but that’s just me). But I’m not waiting for him. And I’m certainly not looking for him.

Relationship status: Single, not looking.


*A combination of several different translations of Isaiah 4:1

Shhh, Jesus is Talking

Besides having just the right amount of hipster to keep you relevant and enough coffee to keep you awake, here’s what you need to have some rockstar Jesus time:

  • Get up early and be ready to listen. Jesus does His best talking at 5:00 am with a warm brew and extreme bed head
  • Sit quietly in His presence without a time frame, your boss will totally understand when you tell Him you were immersed in the Spirit resulting in your 3 hour tardiness to work
  • Have a nook or a closet. Perhaps something similar to Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs on Privet Drive. The best nooks are equipped with lots of gem-colored floor cushions, $20 scented candles, some twinkle lights, and worship music must be playing quietly in the background. Think Spa meets Spiritual retreat

When I finally drag myself out from underneath the covers on mornings like this I’m sitting there with my Valuspa candle wafting its lineny fresh fragrance into my nostrils while my cup of coffee slowly tips itself onto my lap and my eyes lazily close. All the time I’m justifying my drowsing with the thought that Jesus would really prefer I get that extra 4 hours and clearly He wants to speak to me in my dreams.

Ask my mom. Waking up early has never been a good thing for me. I’m quite ashamed to say my sweet mom tells me getting me up on early days was like walking into a battle zone. I might have thrown the occasional pillow in her direction. My dad’s approach to this situation was to simply flip my mattress over. Harsh, but effective.

In my digression I can hear the Proverbs 31 women shaking their heads with a mental tsk, tsk, tsk. I admit it. I don’t knit my own sweaters. I don’t have a household to take care of. I’m usually clothed in black skinnies and a vneck instead of dignity and strength. I’m rarely up before dawn, and when I do it’s for a road trip and I’m asleep within the first 20 miles.

You know what, if you physically can’t open your eyes before 9:30 in the morning. That’s fine. If you can’t sleep in past 4:45, I don’t understand you, but it’s alright. That’s fine too.

Here’s the thing, when we compartmentalize things like that—in the morning I talk to God. Then I go to work. Then I come home. Then I unwind. Then I eat dinner. Then I go to bed. That only leaves one slot for God.

I’m fine with not being good at waking up early because I don’t cut God out of the rest of my day. He’s still there, I still talk to Him, I still spend time with Him. Somewhere in the Bible it says pray without ceasing. I don’t think that means sitting in your nook all day and all night feverishly praying and listening to the Lord. Like Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for everything, so all day and night prayer certainly has its place. But what about the in between? The days when you are going to work, taking a vacation, staying home sick.

I think what God meant when He put “pray without ceasing” in His book was to simply be in conversation with Him throughout your day. Make decisions through the lens of the Lord. Just like you’d ask your SO or bestie how your outfit looks, ask God what He thinks.

When I was in elementary school I was beyond excited to go school supply shopping. I loved it. I would comb through my notebooks making sure they were perfect, and not only that, I would take people on tours of my binder. I would show them how awesome it was. One time my dad had come home from an especially exhausting day at work AND he was watching football. I told him how big of a deal it was to be starting fourth grade and how excited I was to have my new binder. And I, yes, I took him on a tour of the different subjects, tabs, and folders.

We commonly hear the phrase nothing is too big for the Lord. Indicating that He cares about us deeply and wants to take care of us like a Dad. But let me counter that thought with nothing is too small for the Lord. Just like my dad sat through a tour of a binder when he could barely keep his eyes opened, God cares about the little things (insert link to Little Things by One Direction) too.

This read is not for people who have their schedule on lockdown. If you’ve got your stuff together, bravo, brava. I envy you, seriously, there is not a hint of sarcasm intended in any of this.

The intent is to let people who have the schedule, don’t stick to it, and therefore have no “Jesus Compartment” because it doesn’t fit into the schedj.

This pretty much explains everything I’m trying to say in one paragraph. Thank you Sarah Young.

Find freedom through seeking to please Me above all else. You can have only one Master. When you let others’ expectations drive you, you scatter your energy to the winds. Your own desire to look good can also drain your energy. I am your  Master, and I do not drive you to be what you are not. Your pretense displeases Me, especially when it is in My “service.” Concentrate on staying close to Me at all times. It is impossible to be inauthentic while you are focusing on My Presence.