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Twenty Sixteen

It’s 2016.

A whole new year.


Take a breath.

Feel your heart jump beneath your hand and thank God you made it another 365 days.

There’s people that didn’t, you know.


This year is a year of more. More from God. More from others. More from ourselves. Be expectant in the days, weeks, months, and quarters that follow. Look for the more.

My friend told me the other day that 2015 was literally the longest year of her life. She kicked if off across the pond in England celebrating before all of us schumcks over here in the USA and finished off in California, sipping champagne long after midnight kisses and champagne toasts in Times Square.

I’d wager to say she got more out of this year than she did of others, not because she had more time, but because she didn’t abide in the mundane. She didn’t stick with the easy.
She didn’t shy away from things that scared her. She tried new things without referring to a list of resolutions to check off. She just did them with courage because she kept close quarters with the Holy Spirit.

That’s my wish for 2016. That we would keep close enough quarters with the Holy Spirit to be able to do things in courage that we wouldn’t normally do.

So go ahead. Pay for the groceries of the person in front of you. Ask the girl on the date. Go to the third world country.


It’s 2016. And 2016 is a game-changer.