defAtelier is a new venture in it’s very infancy.

We are a group of random women with random ideas trying out random business ideas.
The unique ability of defAtelier is that we can design items and very quickly make them available for sale.

We create designs based on what inspires us as we develop personally and professionally. We collaborate together and unite our different business ventures to create unique concepts and products for our communities.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the team give us an email:

All designs will be added to our uncurated store under the defAtelier menu.


We support Building Foundations of Hope. This is a St. Louis based non-profit organization providing support to young women who feel like the don’t matter in rural Uganda. defAtelier’s goal is to provide these young women with a way to manage their periods.
Many young women stop going to school when they start their periods because they don’t have a hygienic way to deal with it and there is a huge amount of shame surrounding it.

We think that’s ridiculous. Find out more about our period project here.

PS: This used to be a personal blog that went dormant for quite a long time. We decided to leave some of this old content because it was well received back in the day. 
But seriously, the last post was from the new year of 2016. #oops/sorry