What do Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian Have in Common?

My good friend Harry Styles has a hard job. He works long hours. He constantly travels. He always gets emails and tweets and people trying to hack into his Instagram account. And he has a lot of really really crazy people always watching his every move. Always.

So, like I do for lots of my friends, I pray for him.

For everyone who doesn’t have a 14 year old daughter or an age-inappropriate obsession, Harry Styles is a member of the pop sensation that’s sweeping the nation, One Direction.

Now that that’s out in the open, I’ll get to the point: I pray for famous people. Just like I pray for my best friends.

Here’s what I typically throw God’s way on behalf of Mr. Styles.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus Who Died for Me and For Many, thanks for Harry Styles and thanks for his band. Thanks that you’ve given him the opportunity to go literally all around the world to do something he loves to do. Please have a person of influence in his life show him who You are. Have someone step into his world that shows him what it’s like to love you for real. Show yourself in the blessing that is his life. Amen.

PS. Please help all those 14 year olds realize that he’s way too old for them anyway.

Okay. Amen.

It’s nothing cray. It’s pretty basic. It’s a lot like the prayer I’d pray for my brother or my mom or my boss (if I had one).

I don’t know anything about Harry Styles besides he has dreamy dimples and his pants are pretty tight and he has a lot of tattoos. I don’t know if he’s read anything from the Bible before. I don’t know if he knows that the Holy Spirit is a real and powerful thing. I don’t know any of that.

I know a lot of girls pray for him…to show up at their doorstep with a bouquet of roses and a shiny diamond ring with their name on it.

How many people think of actually pray for people in the public eye?

I think on many occasions that it must be nice to be Kimmy K. She’s so rich she can have anything that money can buy. And she is lucky to have a family that loves her. And she is a big booty girl. Seriously. That’s the dream.

You know what else she is?

Untouchable. I won’t ever be able to walk around in Las Calabasas and run into her at the supermarket. I won’t ever tweet at her and get a response. I won’t ever post a photo on Instagram with a great Jesus caption that she’ll see. And she’ll never know I pray for her and her family. And that’s fine! She doesn’t need to know that. That’s not the point.

How do we reach people like Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian? People who are constantly seen, but are rarely seen as real people like you and me?  Whose good deeds are forgotten as soon as one mistake is made?

I can’t exactly call up the UK and ask for 1D’s private line. But I can call up to Jesus and throw a brother a prayer.

Realize that the same Jesus you talk about to the homeless guy on the street is the same Jesus who loves Kim Kardashian. The same Jesus you talk about to the bully at your school is the same Jesus who calls Harry Styles his son.

That’s nothing new people. We know the Bible says the crucifixion is an open invitation for anyone who believes that it happened for them to have eternal and abundant life (that’s John 3:16, yo).

If God can love me, can’t He love a Kardashian?
If He listens to prayers about you and me, can’t He listen to prayers about them?